Week 11- EOD Talk

The EOD Choreographers shared with us a little bit about their pieces and their personal processes…

Anthony Morgan is re-staging his piece from 1994 called “Punctuated Equilibrium”. In this piece there is extensive work being done with ladders. We asked Anthony, “When recreating works, do you look for the same feeling you had from the previous times, or do you search for new ones? Same movement; do you try to embody the exact style you did before, or find something new in it the next time?” His answer determined that when it comes to re-staging a piece with different cast members things are going to change no matter what you do, because different casts dance differently. Anthony talked abut how different people bring different aspects to the piece. For example his current cast members came up with some tricks with the ladders that he had never thought of before.

Anjali Austin is doing an excerpt of her one woman show “THREADS”, inspired by the quilt collection of her family. The piece was a deep exploratory dive into her past and family history. We asked Anjali, “How did your envisioned choreographic process change when you acquired your props?” With the props, the quilts, being the main point of this piece she answered saying that they had a huge impact on her process. Anjali told us that at first her idea for the piece was going in the complete opposite direction and once she came across the quilts literally everything changed.

aa quilts

Rick McCullough is doing a ballet piece titled “Clarion” for Evenings of Dance. The piece is with a large cast and is very ballet based. We asked Rick, “How much do the specific dancers that you’re working with inform your piece?” He answered saying that in a way he’s very traditional and set in his ways when it comes to his works. If anything he said the dancers help him if he forgets movement or phrases.

Hannah Schwadron choreographed a dance film called “Klasse”. The film took place in Hamburg, Germany in collaboration with middle school students on the history of the holocaust. We asked hannah, “How did you get into the idea of dance film and making it on your own?” This question kinda veered from topic when we started talking more about hannah’s background and how this piece has influenced her. We talked about all the places Hannah has danced and the difference between east coast and west coast, north and south when it comes to dancing. When it comes to the piece Hannah, being jewish, resinates a lot with this work. From there we started talking about her relationship with the students and how that influenced the work. She made one comment that I found interesting. She said that by doing this work she realized that a lot of times kids are actually more grounded and intellectual than adults.

hs klasse

Overall I learned a lot about creating your own works and what it takes to put on a production. I realized that being overwhelmed is okay and great things can come from it if you just step back and get a new perspective. I also learned that connections are important and they are all around us. With that I learned that your past/history can make for great works and act as great inspiration. From Anthony I learned that risk is important and trying new things is important when creating new movement. Finally I learned that things like staying fresh, family, and finance all play into your choreography and art. Most importantly I learned that throughout your career you must keep yourself inspired no matter what.


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